Moving forward with tradition

8 AM on February 23, 1933, in Wiesbaden. How it all began: Ludwig Bouffier opened the “Optische Zentrale” (Optical Center) at Rheinstrasse 47 in Wiesbaden and earned a whopping 1.75 reichmarks on the first day.

His philosophy: combine first-class quality with sound craftsmanship. Word spread fast and soon both his business and private life began to flourish. In 1936 he married Elisabeth, who would become the backbone of the company. Their sons Klaus and Dieter were born in 1937 and 1940, but World War II proved to be a very trying time for the family. Ludwig was drafted and taken prisoner in Italy, and wasn’t released until 1946. In February of 1945, the shop stood in ruins after being bombed during an air raid. Elisabeth, who was left to run the business on her own, wouldn’t let anything get her down. Together with staff, she opened a new shop in the same location that very same year. The next stroke of bad luck came in 1950: the owner of the building notified them that he wanted to use the space for his own purposes. Luckily, she was able to rent a shop right next door at Rheinstrasse 49.

The economic miracle of Wiesbaden:

In 1953, the family opened a branch at Kirchgasse 50 that is still run by Bouffier today. Both sons joined the business after getting their education and working abroad in Paris, Brighton, and London.


Through the years, their collaborative effort has been characterized by trust, respect, and responsibility. This attitude is the basis of the mature company philosophy practiced at Bouffier today.

Full of energy and creativity, the company then expanded to Mainz, Darmstadt, and Frankfurt.

The original company building was renovated in 1968-69, and the hearing department was moved to another location. This allowed the company to focus more clearly on each field of activity.

The third generation

The family business for good vision and hearing is now run by the third generation. In keeping with tradition, Klaus’s children, Brigit and Mark, and Dieter’s daughters, Pia and Tina, also have a great appreciation for contemporary design.

What’s important to us

No matter how solid our expertise is, or how forward-looking the training of our staff, what matters most to us are these two things: our caring and responsible staff, and our customers, whom we strive to provide with top quality products and consultations, day in and day out.