For over 70 years, Bouffier has been best known in the Rhine-Main area as a vision care provider.

What many people don’t realize is that we have a special department devoted to good hearing. The Hearing Aid Institute of Bouffier Glasses Ltd is located at Rheinstrasse 47, in the center of Wiesbaden.

Hearing aids are necessary in a variety of areas. Musicians need hearing protection that facilitates differentiated hearing over all frequencies. Motorcycle drivers want protection from the noise of the wind, but need to be able to hear other noises in their surroundings.

Skilled laborers on construction sites need to shield their ears from work noise. Bluetooth users need a personalized earpiece for their cell phone that moves with them.

For people listening to lectures who want to concentrate on the speaker rather than the whispers of their neighbors, we offer portable sound processors.

We can also be of help if you simply don’t hear well, need a hearing aid but you don’t know what solution is most practical and comfortable for you. We also carry reliable flashing alarm clocks and visual doorbells for those with severe hearing disabilities. We’re your partner for cleaning and repairs as well.

Although we’re focused on hearing, we’re a lot like Bouffier Glasses:

  • We offer expert care.
  • We have no allegiance to any one manufacturer. That way we’re sure to find the best solution for you.           
  • We offer the full spectrum of products, from economical to high-end.
  • We’re not satisfied until you are.

That’s why you can take several models home with you, so you can try them out and see which model best fits your lifestyle. Stop by and give us a try. We would be happy to advise you.