For everyone who has trouble shifting focus between close and distant objects (usually starting between the ages of 30 and 40), there is now a solution: anti-fatigue lenses.

Anti-fatigue lenses have many benefits:

  • The innovative lens design relaxes the eyes, preventing tired eyes.
  • They offer better vision correction than conventional single-vision lenses.
  • They relieve vision fatigue at work, especially when focusing at close range.
  • Our additional premium features provide optimal contrast and transparency.
  • They markedly improve, and ultimately eliminate, headaches caused by vision fatigue.

We offer visual aids designed specifically for office work at amazingly low prices. Shifting focus between  monitor, keyboard and work material is harder on the eyes than we realize. As a result, the eyes become tired faster and it becomes harder to concentrate.

By the way, many employers will cover part or all of the cost of anti-fatigue lenses.