Children need special care. That goes for vision too. If you don’t pay attention to your child’s vision, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise when their eyes are finally tested before they start school.

Human development is heavily influenced by visual impressions. For this reason, increased numbers of developmental disorders are found among visually impaired children. Even simple learning disorders caused by poor eyesight can lead to problems with concentration, listlessness, anxiety in the classroom, or general disadvantages in everyday life. Unlike adults, children often don’t mention problems with their vision.

A trip to the eye doctor will give you peace of mind and support the natural development of your child. Pathological changes can be diagnosed and treated even in infants. Take advantage of the preventive examinations available.

Children’s glasses should be light and rugged, fit well and be comfortable. After all, kids shouldn’t feel like glasses are a burden, they should enjoy wearing them. That’s why it’s important to receive a good consultation and let the child help choose his or her frames.

Important note: when buying sunglasses for children, make sure they are not only fashionable and dark, but that they offer effective UV protection.

Important note for adults as well: UV protection has nothing to do with how dark the lenses are tinted. It is important to wear dark sunglasses when at the beach or in the snow, but darkness alone does not provide the necessary UV protection. Quite the contrary, this could simply allow the pupils to dilate, letting more damaging UV rays enter the eye. We’ll find the sunglasses that suit your needs, in cutting-edge, exclusive designer frames if you wish.