New measurement technology is revolutionizing vision correction

Every eye is completely unique and as individual as a snowflake. This means that its imaging properties i.e. vision defects are also unique. Carl Zeiss Vision has developed an innovative measurement technology that works in a completely new way and offers unprecedented vision correction.

Major differences compared to traditional measurement:

Rather than just measuring defective vision in the center of the pupil, it is measured across the entire pupil aperture. Until now, opticians measured the pupil aperture in daylight situations. Although short-sightedness, near-sightedness and corneal irregularities can be identified using this method, higher order aberrations, like those responsible for reduced contrast sensitivity and poor twilight vision, cannot.

The i.Profiler® is much more precise.

It uses wavefront measurement technology, projecting a fine infrared light ray onto the retina and measuring how this light ray is reflected. The distortion of this light ray as it is reflected back into the device differs from eye to eye. This way it can detect if the eye is distorted in any way. 

All the measurements come together to form something like a map of your eye, on which all image defects of the optical system are graphically represented. Experienced opticians know how to read this map to get an overview of higher order aberrations like coma, trefoil and spherical aberrations. The optician sends all the data to the lens manufacturer. This brings us to the second important step of the process: a totally innovative method of optical computation.

A special computer converts the data needed to create optimal corrective lenses specifically tailored to the customer. You can finally have the best possible vision thanks to these custom-made lenses.

We think harder so you see better

i.Scription®, the future of vision defect analysis, enables:

  • perfect vision with lenses adjusted to one hundredth of a diopter
  • sharp, contrast- and nuance-rich vision
  • correction of higher order aberrations
  • high quality lenses with ZEISS precision eyeglass lenses

The difference is amazing, particularly at twilight and at night.

The i.Profiler® by Carl Zeiss Vision

The i.Profiler® provides a totally new vision experience. The monitor displays your individual vision profile, and delivers extremely detailed information about the imaging properties of your eyes.

Test it now for free!

We’ll create your personal vision profile with the new i.Profiler®. Normally the test costs € 50, but you can have it for free, with no obligation.*

We look forward to your visit!

*We hope you understand that a written report of your measurement data cannot be made available at no charge for your personal use.