"Well, there’s the cheap standard and then the better ones, but they’re more expensive too." Forget all the rumors you’ve heard about progressive lenses in the past. There are nearly 100 different variations of progressive lenses.

It’s not about deciding between "standard" and "expensive" lenses. It’s about meeting your specific needs in relation to your habits and your professional and private life. In order to do this, an in-depth consultation is an absolute must.

Progressive lenses are the most modern solution for presbyopia, or age-related farsightedness, and provide clear vision at all distances. Progressive lenses allow your focus to move comfortably between close-up, intermediate and long distances. With expert consultation and a large selection, progressive lenses are a very comfortable alternative, and the closest thing to natural vision.

Did you know that the earlier you start wearing progressive lenses, the faster you get used to them?