We’ll help you find the perfect pair. Here are some things to think about when buying a pair of sunglasses: Very dark or mirrored sunglass lenses are no indication of UV protection. When do you need sunglasses the most? Different occasions call for different features. It’s also important that children have  appropriate sunglasses.

That’s why we want to give you this tip: Make sure to a consultation with trained expert staff. We’d be happy to give you an in-depth consultation give you a carefree start in the season. Feel free to visit us in one of our stores.

SunContrast: Contrast-enhanced vision in the sun

A goodsunlens protects your eyes against UV radiation. SunContrast sunlenses do even more: they offer contrast-enhanced vision even under harsh or diffuse light.Sunlight has the unpleasant property of reducing contrasts. Why: because daylight has a high portion of scattered blue light which superimposes itself on the other colours and leads to low-contrast vision. SunContrast reduces the blue light portion to an optimum level. Objects regain their contrast, colours and details have a natural look.